2007 - Present


The multiple rectangles which form the logo symbolizes the diversity of activities within the Group's subsidiaries and associate companies.

The design resembles blocks to represent SEDCO's role in economic development and in the creation of a BCIC (Bumiputera Commercial& Industrial Community).

The rectangular dimension of the logo denotes the strenght and stability of the organization. Its lateral inclination indicates a foward direction, i.e. moving ahead and staying in tandem with global progress.

The red colour of the outer blocks and across the middle part presents an outline of the letter "S" which stands for sabah & SEDCO.


Burgundy red - represents strenght, renewed commitment and enthusiasm

Grey             - represents accomplishments, quiet dignity and maturity


1996 - 2006

1981 - 1996




The logo comprises two interlocking rings from which three salient features could be visualized and interpreted

Firstly, the interlock signifies a strong bond between two bodies. When applied to SEDCO, it indicates a strong working partnership between SEDCO and other investors, SEDCO and her subsidiaries, and SEDCO with the State.

Secondly the two rings represent the twin objectives of the Corporation as an operational agent of the Government, viz;

  • the implementation of the New Economic Policy
  • the promotion of Bumiputera participation in commerce and industry

And thirdly,  the interlock display the letter "S" and dollar sign $ implicity. The former relates to the initials of SEDCO and Sabah, while the latter relates to prosperity in ventures.



Red         -  to project boldness in ventures and willingness to sacrifice.

Dark Blue -  for peace and prosperity.

Gold        -  for value and significance of the Corporation as a whole, wealth of Sabah in general and solidity of the bonds in particular.


1971 -1981

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